Student Testimonials

Detailed Testimonial

As a passionate writer poised to reach the apotheosis in writing; it was a necessity to take the challenge upon myself. Thus my endeavor to join the creative writing academy. Studying at the Creative Writing Academy has elevated my unyielding desire and passion for writing. A greater percentage of a full proficiency has been met. Also, the knowledge of ‘showing’ as a skill and using images to create a picture in the reader’s eye has made a great impact on my writing. The Practical Writing class which teaches English Grammar, Point of view, Diction, and the correct use of Vocabulary, Tenses, etc. has helped improved my reading, sentence construction and choice of words.

Furthermore, meeting different people who share my passion for writing, learning from each other and perfecting our different and unique writing styles has been enlightening. The implementation of constructive criticism has broadened my skills and given me ideas that I never thought about.

The Critical Thinking and Reasoning class has eradicated the limitation I imposed on my writing. I am no longer scared of sharing my work and eager to take risks and learn new things. I have been able to think and explore beyond my imaginations.

Reading, a core value needed to become a prominent and competent writer, has contributed to the improvement in my writing. There had been a distinct change in my choice of language as well as settings and themes for my stories.

As a writer who prefers the first and third person point of view when writing, I am learning to embrace the second person point of view. Most importantly, the small class sizes, where each student receives adequate attention from the lecturer and the helpful and supportive attitude of lecturers at the Creative Writing Academy has given me the confidence I need to pursue my passion for writing.

- Akafu Klaus Emmanuel
CWA Student