Student Testimonials

Detailed Testimonial

There are many hidden stories within us that are just waiting to be poured out. Learning at the Creative Writing Academy has helped me immensely with my story construction: expression, tenses, grammar, pace, tone. point of view and a whole lot more. I have been able to search deep within myself and discover so many hidden talents in areas I didn’t know about and I have been afraid of.

One of the best parts of my learning experience at the Creative Writing Academy has been the critiquing session. Having other people read my work and critique it has been the highlight of my studies. I always looked forward to reading out my work in class or sending it to my mates and teachers to read. It’s amazing how different people can read your work and have so many different views, opinions and ideas about your work. 

As a creative writer, I believe our Before joining CWA,I used to think writing was just about taking a pen and paper, and writing whatever comes to mind. I soon learnt that it takes a lot of reading,  professional and practical training and constant writing to become a good writer. 

I can personally say that, even though I have completed my studies, this is not the end of my learning experience at the CWA. I am a proud creative writer, andI thank the lecturers at the creative writing academy, especially Mrs Hajara Daniel and Mr Yaw Nuako, for helping me bring out what’s been hidden inside of me for years.

- Sonia Ibrahim
CWA Alumini/Actress