Student Testimonials

This is an excellent facilitation of short story writing. For both beginners and writers who want to sharpen their skills … Creative Writing Academy is the place.

- Vera Akumah
This was quite an interesting and refreshing workshop. I have learnt a lot which I can use and inject into my writing to make it exceptional.

- Ashley Turkson
This is so much more than I expected. God bless you! Thank you for releasing my writers block!’

- Tunde Akinkuro
I have learnt a lot in creative writing today. I have learnt the protocols in creativity too. The workshop has equipped and improved my creative writing skills.

- Victoria Amankwaa
For the first time, I can call myself a writer after coming on your course. Thanks for believing in me and giving me the confidence to write my first short story. Your advice on plot, tone, voice and characterization has proved invaluable. I can’t wait for the next workshop. I am sure it will give me the same enthusiasm and excitement that I got from the last one.

- Mary Boyce-Smith
Just wanted to say a big “Thank You!!!”. I received your report yesterday. Not only have you identified the key points (both fundamental and in finer detail) but you’ve given precise and workable pointers towards where and how the improvements should be made. You have applied great care and empathy in your reading and review of my manuscript, for which as a lonesome, first-time novelist working in isolation is very heartening and I’m so grateful. 

- Awal Rushidi
I am happy with the output of the workshop. I hope to use the skills learnt here to polish my manuscript and publish. I wish to be part of more workshops in the future. I am looking at stopping banking in the future to write full time and I hope Creative Writing Academy will be the channel.

- Serwa Gyedu-Nuako
Mrs Daniel, your feedback has changed my life. I doubted myself but now I know I have a God-given creative talent. I can write! I agree with almost all your comments and even where I disagree I know deep down that you are right. I can’t thank you enough. The positive aspects of my writing, which you pointed out has inspired me to continue writing. Thank you sooo much!’

- Akua Donkor
I am extremely grateful for your constructive comments and suggestions. I will take them on board in my attempt to improve and finalise my first novel.

- Michael Benson