The Creative Writing Academy (CWA) has partnered with Read, Imagine, Write and Create (RIWC) International, a foundation which aims to achieve social justice, gender equality, youth empowerment and poverty reduction through creative writing and arts to unearth, train, equip, enhance and promote the creative skills, talents and potentials of young individuals in deprived communities.

Together we aim to identify and develop creative concepts and modules that can empower underprivileged youth in our communities academically, socially and economically. These young men and women, abound with creative ideas and impulses, are cultural assets; however, instead of cultivating their inborn talent, most end up as school-dropouts with no future prospects. We believe that seeing the youth as knowledge bearers instead of problems to solve is a first step towards creating an inclusive educational culture ripe for creativity.

In addition to training and mentoring the youth, we also expose them to the professional community by nurturing and promoting their innovative ideas and providing accessible places such as bookshops, theatres, art galleries etc., where their work can be viewed locally and internationally. This builds confidence and gives them a voice and the resolve to be successful members of their communities.

Our vision is to boost Reading, Imagining, Writing and Creativity across the world.

In conjunction with our local and international partner organisations, we remain committed to nurturing inherent abilities which will help create social and economic value in the lives of growing youth in various communities in Ghana.

We are proud of the positive impact the foundation has made in helping children to Read, Write, Imagine and Create.
Read. Imagine. Write and Create. (RIWC)

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Read. Imagine. Write and Create. (RIWC)