At the end of the programme, students with exceptional writing will be sponsored by Larajah Limited for publication of their work on Amazon and other worldwide retailers in paperback and kindle.
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About Us

The Creative Writing Academy (CWA) is an efficient and productive Writing Academy with a passionate appreciation for the creative arts and culture. The CWA has been registered in Ghana under the Companies Code 1963 (Act 179) as an educational institution which equips students with practical proficiency and competence in Creative Writing.

The Academy’s renowned faculty and staff come from esteemed universities and colleges as well as from professional bodies and institutions. Specialised guest writers are also invited to facilitate masterclasses.

These faculty and facilitators are distinguished published fiction writers, playwrights, poets, journalists, film-directors, essayists, etc., who guide students to develop their skills and expand their conceptual appreciation of writing as an art form.

About Creative Writing Academy

Our Mission

To be an Academy of Excellence in Creative Writing in Ghana and the rest of the World.

Our Vision

To equip students with practical proficiency and competence in Creative Writing.

Objectives and Strategic Mandate:

To develop writers that will compete with the World’s best
To produce human resource to boost efficiency in fields such as Writing Fiction and Non-Fiction, Novel Writing, Poetry, Playwriting, Writing for Television, Radio and Film, Writing for the Media and Corporate Writing & Communications
To provide professional training and development in Creative Writing across varied genres and disciplines
To foster collaborative and professional relationships with institutions in similar fields to improve on human capacity-building
To provide and sustain a favourable teaching and learning environment