The Creative Writing Academy provides Short Courses and one-to-one tuition.
Depending on the requirement of participants, the duration of courses can be from a few days to 3 or 6 months.

The duration of our Workshop and Masterclasses are from a few hours to 5 days with refreshments and/or lunch.

Our Short Courses include:

Ø English for Foreign Students
Ø English Grammar/Phonetics
Ø Report/Academic Writing
Ø Playwriting
Ø Short Fiction
Ø The Novel as a Narrative
Ø Poetry
Ø Speech Writing
Ø Motivational Speaking
Ø Presentation Skills
Ø Legal issues in Writing
Ø Writing Humour
Ø Writing Romance
Ø Writing Memoirs
Ø Writing for Children
Ø Writing Non-fiction
Ø Writing for Media (TV, Radio, Film)
Ø Business Writing (Memos, Letters, Reports, Proposals)
Ø Book Editing/Proofreading 
Ø Becoming a Published Author
Ø Introduction to Practical Film Directing
Ø How to Start a Blog. 

Our facilitators come from esteemed universities and colleges as well as from professional bodies and institutions. They include distinguished published fiction writers, playwrights, poets, journalists, film-makers, editors and publishers.

As well as learning from the best in the business, these engagements give participants an in-depth knowledge of the industry and guides them to develop their skills and expand their conceptual appreciation of writing as an art form.

For further details, contact our Switchboard on  +233(0)302784701.
You may also contact us by WhatsApp/ Mobile on +233(0)502085274 or by email at
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