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English Proficiency

Components of Programmes of Study

The English Proficiency Program comprises English grammar, oral, aural and written comprehension.
WRITTEN COMPREHENSION SESSIONS ensure students can express themselves in written texts. It shapes their understanding and enriches their writing and comprehension skills.
ORAL SESSIONS focus on a crucial aspect of the English language, such as proper pronunciation. Our individual and group sessions aim to lay a foundation for correct pronunciation through frequent reading.
AURAL SESSIONS centre on attuning the students’ ears to the English language’s distinct sounds.
GRAMMAR SESSIONS focus on the essentials of grammar in the English language, beginning with the rudiments and delving into the core aspects to enable students to speak eloquently and improve their writing skills.
CULTURAL IMMERSION SESSIONS include examples of communication and the historical characteristics of English speakers.
Registration $   50
Tuition BEGINNERS Level A1
Level A2
$ 200
$ 250
6 weeks
6 weeks
Level B2
$ 300
$ 350
8 weeks
8 weeks
Tuition ADVANCED Level C1
Level C2
$ 400
$ 450
10 weeks
10 weeks

We also offer six-month and one-year courses.

Applicants will receive AN APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION FORM after purchasing a CWA SERIAL NUMBER (CWASN).
To purchase a CWA SERIAL NUMBER (CWASN), send an email to the Admissions team at
Applicants may also call or send a WhatsApp message to 050 208 5374.
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