Languages: English, French and Spanish

Components of Programmes of Study

The programme comprises lessons on grammar, oral/aural comprehension, (proper pronunciation in the language in question), written comprehension, essay writing as well as cultural immersion through sessions that make the student familiar with how the native speakers of the language behave and react to certain words, etc.

There are over a 100 sections to be covered in the course of the year; these are spread across the various terms and divided further into the relevant months and weeks of study.
CULTURAL IMMERSION SESSIONS will employ the use of examples in communication by native speakers as well as delve into historical aspects of the lives of those speakers and touch on monuments and festive days of the people in question.
ESSAY-WRITING SESSIONS aim at ensuring that in terms of written communication, students have the requisite know-how and can actually express themselves with regard to written texts, be it in terms of essays, letters or other forms of communication.
AURAL COMPREHENSION SESSIONS centre on attuning the students’ ears to the distinct “sounds” of the language in question.
ORAL COMPREHENSION SESSIONS focus on a crucial aspect of the language, that is, proper pronunciation, and involve both individual and group sessions aimed at laying a proper foundation for the right enunciation through frequent drills and reading segments.
WRITTEN COMPREHENSION SESSIONS build the understanding of students with regard to myriad texts on manifold issues, enriching the students’ skills in this area of comprehension.
GRAMMAR SESSIONS focus on the essentials of grammar, beginning with the rudiments and delving further into core aspects of the language that are necessary for correct expression in both written and spoken forms.
A willingness to share your experience and be an active member of your tutorial group.
Sufficient study time (approximately 15 hours per week) and active engagement in group tutorial discussions are an essential part of the study process.
Learning takes place in a supportive environment that provides all the benefits of studying as part of a community.
The technology-based approach means that our programmes are highly flexible, and students can study from anywhere in the world and at a time that is convenient to them.
We have a dedicated academic, administrative and technical support team.
Students must be willing to share their experience and be active members of their tutorial group.
Key Points
Students will be part of an active learning community with regular contacts and activities.
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Languages: English, French, Spanish

Class Schedule

Classes are scheduled as follows:

Day Time
Monday 4pm to 6pm
Wednesday 4pm to 6pm

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