Corporate Writing and Communication
Effective communication is a skill that is essential in pretty much every sphere of endeavour, and especially more so in today's highly-interactive world.

How potent are you at sending across that message, selling your goods or services, convincing that investor to fund your project or relating to clients in ways that keep them coming back for more?

Our lecturers are seasoned communicators who have conducted training sessions for individuals and executives of corporate bodies.

Topics to be explored include:
•   Why skilled writing matters in the corporate world
•   The difference between Basic English and Business English
•   The basic tools for writing (spelling, punctuation, grammar)
•   The golden rules of writing
•   Planning and Preparation
•   Style and Presentation
•   Internal and External Communications
•   Effective use of body language in the workplace
•   How to break the ice
Corporate Writing and Communication
Students will be part of an active learning community with regular contacts and interaction.

The technology-based approach means that our programmes are highly flexible, and students can study from anywhere in the world and at a time that is convenient to them.

Approximately 15 hours per week study time and active engagement in group discussions are an essential part of the study process.

We have a dedicated academic, administrative and technical support team.

Students must be willing to share their experiences and be active members of their tutorial group.
For the 2019/2020 Academic Year, the cost for tuition will be as follows:
Cost of Programme
Ghanaian students (Tuition Fees Per Term)
•  Distance Learning: GHS 1,000
•  Registration: GHS 200
International Students (Tuition Fees Per Term)
•  Distance Learning: US$ 1,000
•  Registration: US$  200
Flexible Payment Plan
We have a flexible payment plan for students who wish to spread the cost of their fees.
Duration of Course
The course will run for one year, scheduled with three terms per school year.
Each term consists of approximately 8 weeks of tuition, a week for revision and a week for exams.
The various modes of communication (letters, memos, emails, minutes of meetings, reports, proposals, CVs, speeches, press releases, etc.)
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Corporate Writing and Communication

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